An Affordable Alternative To Seminary 

Because You Don’t Need A Degree To Lead Souls To The Cross!

Ministry Ordination Program

Summer Class - Starts June 20, 2022


Study is completed online with scheduled discussion and video based interactions. Practical Workshops are always held on a Saturday at a Toronto or Brampton location. Should onsite meetings be restricted, the Workshop will be held online.

Tuition Fees - Ordination $3,750 (all inclusive!)

Just Study - No Ordination $2,500 (all inclusive!)

* 10 Month online ministry-based seminary-level study.
* FREE Chromebook loaded with your courses. Study anywhere, anytime!
* Access to extensive Theological Library.
* Mentored by active ordained Clergy.
* Public Ordination ceremony upon successful completion.
* A Legal Ordination Certificate world-wide-recognized will be issued to you.
* Apply to Perform Marriage in Ontario once ordained.

 HEY .. You Don’t Have To Pay Tuition All At Once! 

A deposit of $500 must accompany your application to reserve your seat and display seriousness of intent.  If not accepted into this Program your deposit will be returned to you immediately.  The remaining balance will be due by June 18, 2022.

* We Offer A Payment Plan *

Speak to us for options to pay your tuition fees in up to ten installments of 

$325 CAD each  month

From Called To Ordained

This Program is sufficient to award ordination as a Christian Minister upon completion. The Ministry Ordination Program is for Christian men and women who have a sincere calling to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Diligent Biblical study is completed online. The courses are engaging; a comprehensive guide for Spiritual growth. Our ordained ministers participate in areas  of ministry such as pulpit ministry, pastoral care, street and radio ministry, missions, evangelism, counseling, teaching, writing, Christian marriage and more.  If you are called to serve, York St. Peter’s Evangelistic Organization will prepare you with Biblical teaching and the credentials you will need to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Studying The Word From Home

Students engage in 10 months of online Theological study and examination overseen by active Clergy and Facilitators. Students will be responsible to develop and manage their study schedules.  At the end of each module students will meet with Sr. Clergy by video conference for further discussion and assessment  related to the module’s content. This Program demands a dedicated study time of at least 1 hour each day with a whole effort to completion. If you cannot put God first and commit time in your schedule to study the Scriptures you will not succeed.  The Program is comprehensive and achievable for all Christians who are called to serve. You will be surprised at how much you ‘didn’t’ know!


Workshops & Assessments

Attendance at the Baptism & Infant Dedication Workshop, and the Holy Communion Workshop is a requirement for all Ministry Students. These onsite/online Workshops are designed to give the Student practical experience and teaching in performing the duties required of a Christian Leader. These Workshops are included in the tuition price. There will be other practical Workshops throughout the year that you may want to participate in as covid restrictions permit. Workshops are a fun, informal environment where we learn together, laugh and dine (great lunches are provided)!  We work with you so that upon completion you are knowledgeable and confident in your role as a Christian Minister.

Public Ordination Ceremony

This is always an exciting time for all Ministry Ordination Program graduates.  The Ordination Ceremony is a public event where those successful graduates will dedicate their lives to the Lord’s service, witnessed by family, friends, and the Church. The ceremony is held in a Church location. Candidates must attend their ordination ceremony on the day scheduled. Only there, will  a government recognized ordination certificate will be issued to you. Your ordination certificate is issued by this recognized Religious Body, and is recognized WorldwideFollowing  ordination you may apply to become an Authorized Religious Official who can Solemnize Marriage in Ontario.