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Because You Don’t Need A Degree To Bring Souls To Christ!

Ministry Ordination Program

Starts November 1, 2019

- Enrolment Dates - till Oct. 31, 2019


This Program consists of online Biblical Study from your home. You will need to attend two mandatory practical Workshops in Toronto. Those currently in an active pastoral ministry may qualify for the Fast Track program (please call 905-604-4655).

Cost - $2499

Make up to 10 payments
* Includes 12 Months Theological Study
* Online From The Convenience Of Home
* One Onsite Workshops/Assessment
* Optional Co-op Programs
* Public Ordination as a Christian Minister
* Invitation To The YSPEO Annual Banquet
* Reg. Price of $2499 after July 31, 2019

HEY .. Don’t pay tuition all at once! 

It’s only $100 to get started with an application. If you are not accepted into the Program it is returned to you immediately.

From called to ordination! A great beginning ... the learning never ends!

This Program is sufficient to award recognition and presentation as a Christian Minister to the Body of Christ upon completion. The Ministry Ordination Program is for Christian men and women who have a sincere Calling to the serve our Lord Jesus Christ. Biblical Study is completed online. Workshops are completed at a Toronto location.  The online courses are quite engaging, a comprehensive guide for Spiritual growth and a complete blessing to those who may struggle with understanding the Scriptures. Testing is done online and onsite. Upon completion the Ordination candidate will have experienced significant spiritual knowledge and growth being able to effectively lead others to the Cross.

This is not a quick and easy program. Much study is required! You must have the discipline and desire to learn and study God’s Word

What to expect when you study the Word from Home?

Students will engage in up to to 12 months of study and assignments. This can be done online from the convenience of home. Students will complete lessons at their own pace to accommodate drip content. This is where each course opens on a particular date and closes on a predefined date at which time all tests and assignments must be submitted. It will be the Students responsibility to manage their study schedule accordingly and have all assessments completed by the closing date to move onto the next course. At the end of each module students will meet with Sr. Clergy by videoconference or in person for discussion, question and answer related to the module’s content. Really, if you are not disciplined with good study habits you will surely fail at this Program. This Program demands dedicated time each day with whole effort to completion. You must commit to taking the time to study the Scriptures.  The Program is very easy to understand and achievable to all Christians.

Onsite Workshops

You will be studying to become a Christian Leader. All Ordination Candidates must know how to administer the Sacraments and must never be unsure, clumsy or incompetent about how to do so. 

Attendance at the Baptism & Infant Dedication Workshop and the Holy Communion Workshop – The Lords Supper  is a requirement for all Ministry Students. These onsite Workshops are held at a GTA venue and are designed to give the Student practical hands-on experience in performing the duties required of a Christian Leader. 

They consist of actors, role playing and edifying instruction which ensure understanding and competence prior to assessment. Workshops are a fun environment where we learn together with lots of learning and laughter. Great lunches are provided for you too!

Co-Op Programs

Some know exactly which type of ministry they are called to pursue but some just aren’t sure. Students will be required to do Co-op in a an area of ministry they are interested in. They must complete 25 hours of shadowing and assisting Sr. Clergy to understand the requirements and demands of their chosen ministry of interest. 

Ministry opportunities may consist of Online Ministry, Street Outreach Ministry, Visitation & Shut In Ministry,  Radio Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Chaplaincy, Worship Ministry, Youth Ministry, Evangelism…

Students may choose to complete a co-op program that has been sourced or one in their location.


Pulpit Assessments:

Regardless of which type of ministry the Student chooses to pursue, each Student will finally need to deliver a 20 minute sermon to a congregation. This will be done at a Toronto Church location at a scheduled time. Students will deliver a sermon to be assessed by our Sr. Clergy.  This is the last assessment a Student must complete successfully in order to become a candidate for Ordination. It is a time where our Students can shine and show us what they can do. We see several different approaches and methods to presenting the Word. It is refreshing to see how different witnesses approach today’s generation. We invite friends and family to attend this wonderful exercise. 


This is an exciting time for all Students. The Ordination Ceremony is a public event for those who successfully complete this Program and when you do there is no extra charge to become Ordained. 

We look forward to inducting new workers into the Lords service. Invite friends and family to attend, to witness as you take your vows before God to become a Christian Leader.  Sorry but we do not ordain Ministers by mail. 

All Ordination Candidates must attend their Ordination ceremony on the date assigned if not they must remain as a member to be included in the next Ordination ceremony.