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You Don't Need A Degree To Lead Souls To The Cross!

The Ministry Ordination Program is sufficient to award ordination as a Christian Minister upon successful completion. It's for Christians who are responding to a sincere calling to serve and lead in the Gospel ministry of Jesus Christ. If you are interested in starting your own independent ministry this Program will equip you with Scriptural study, necessary skills and the proper credentials to further your ministry efforts. Once ordained apply to perform marriage in Ontario. This Program is achievable for all Christians.

80% Online and 20% Classroom


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Starts June 5, 2023

with May 2024 Ordination
$ 3399
* price valid until Dec. 31, 2022
  • 10-month course of Study
  • Payment Plan - as low as $310 per month
  • Powerful Seminary-Level Courses
  • Subscription to Logos 10 Theological Library
  • Mentored by active Clergy
  • Guided self-paced study to meet deadlines
  • Participate in a Christian Outreach Excursion
  • Public Ordination. Invite friends & family
  • Tuition is in Canadian dollars and is tax-free!
Free Tablet

Studying From Home

Students will engage in 10 months of online, seminary-level Theological study and examination. They are mentored by educated Clergy and facilitators who are active in the Gospel ministry. Students must manage their own study schedules, and work at their own pace to meet deadlines. At least 1 hour per day must be dedicated to study. Use the provided tablet to access your course content as well as the extensive Theological Library from anywhere. The Program price is all inclusive. There is nothing more to purchase.

Workshops & Onsite Visits

Following the 6th month you will begin the ministry concentration and will need to attend 2 (two) mandatory onsite Workshops, as well as one scheduled excursion. It's always a great experience to finally meet your fellow students that you interact with daily on the YSPEO Social Network. Workshops are fun, informal events where we learn together, laugh and dine (great hot lunches are provided)! Workshop dates are always announced in advance and held on a Saturday at an accessible Toronto or Brampton location.

Ordination Ceremony

Ordination is always an exciting time for the Program graduates and a joyful time for those who helped to prepare them. It's a public event held in a Church Sanctuary. The calling and ordination of these candidates will be recognized, and they will dedicate the remainder of their lives to the Lord's service, witnessed by family, friends, and members of the Church. Candidates must attend their ordination ceremony as anointing and laying on of hands is required. An ordination certificate will not be issued otherwise.

The Ordination Certificate

The Ordination Certificate that will be issued to you is legal and will be recognized by governments worldwide. It will certify that your ordination as a Christian Minister was proceeded by diligent study of the Bible scriptures, examination, and was approved by the Body of Christ. Once you've been ordained, The Office Of The Registrar General will recognize your issued ordination certificate, and will need to see it so that you may become a Religious Official who is authorized to Perform Marriage in Ontario. Ordination certificates will not be issued by mail nor for a fee. They will only be issued to those who have successfully completed the Ministry Ordination Program, in person at a scheduled ordination ceremony .

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is.  We started in Toronto, Ontario as St. Peter’s Tabernacle becoming York St. Peter’s Evangelistic Organization, a non-profit, charitable Organization and Religious Body in 1968. To date we are a recognized Religious Body (aka Denomination) within Ontario and are authorized to teach that of our faith, to issue Clergy legally earned credentials, and government representation. We have always maintained a small presence within our affiliated ministries until establishing our online training presence in 2015. We are registered as a not-for-profit charitable incorporation with Canada Business, and are accountable to the Charitable Directorate and also the Office of the Registrar General of Marriage, Birth and Death as a Religious Body (Denomination).  Any of these will verify our legitimacy.

The requirements to enroll in the Ministry Ordination Program are as follows. Enrollment applications are reviewed on a case by case basis. 

  • At least 21 years old (unless actively ministering).
  • Must agree with the York St. Peter’s Statement of Faith.
  • Must have a sincere calling to the ministry. 
  • Complete a Vulnerable Sector Police Check.
  • Must be (or willing to be) baptized by full immersion.
  • Be willing to undergo diligent study for 10 months.
  • Must attend a Church assembly on a regular basis.
  • Provide a recommendation from an ordained Clergy person.
  • Display good Christian character.
  • Must be able to afford the cost of this program.
  • Must be able to attend required onsite classes and their own ordination ceremony.

No. Ordination is not guaranteed. Just like with any other educational Program it will have to be completed successfully with all requirements met along with an overall passing mark of 80% in order to achieve Ordination. You have to prove yourself worthy. No exceptions apply. As you will be dealing with peoples lives we need to ensure all are competent and correct in Biblical teaching, preaching and baptizing prior to Ordination. If you do not complete the course successfully we will not be able to put you through to ordination.

There are many reasons but these are the most common:

  • Our Program is all inclusive and takes you from called to ordained. 
  • Affordable seminary-level Theological study is provided. 
  • Our Facilitators know and care for each student by name, encouraging them in words, actions, and prayer.
  • Our tuition is affordable and competitive with a payment plan.
  • Their own Pastor seems threatened by their pursuit of ministry.
  • As we are a Religious Body, those ordained may apply to perform marriage through us once ordained.

You do not need to attend seminary or have a degree to bring a soul to Christ.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is accountable to God for this untruth. All believers are ministers as per the Great Commission of Matthew 28:16-20 however some are called to lead. Christ’s disciples didn’t go to seminary for year upon years, they didn’t have degrees, diplomas or certificates and they weren’t even ordained in today’s sense, other than being ordained by the Lord. In Acts 8 and 9 you will read accounts of individuals who heard the message of Salvation, immediately repented and became baptized. They became believers, and witnesses, and ministers for the Lord immediately, no matter how new in the faith. The scriptures never stated that you must go to school for many years, have a degree, or even an ordination before you can minister for Christ. These are man’s stipulations however, the premise of diligent study is a truth that must be obeyed by all Christians, especially those who are called to minister. Believers are told to “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). We encourage all to enroll in studies at any Seminary Institute they may have the opportunity to attend, but for those who cannot, YSPEO provides affordable biblical study and legal credentials. In Matthew 4:19 Jesus’ only requirement to his disciples was ‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men’. For an ordained minister, studying the scriptures is a lifelong task. 

How foolish it would be for us to credential anyone without doing our due diligence. Having a Diploma, Certificate, Masters, Bachelors, PhD, may grant you knowledge but does not confirm that you have a relationship with our Father and are able to apply the Bible’s wisdom to win souls. As a matter of fact, we see some highly educated scholars fail miserably without the guidance and indwelling of the Holy Spirit, while some others of lesser means are just baptized in the Spirit and excel in their service to the Lord. For this reason YSPEO needs to guarantee that all have a clear and correct knowledge and application of the scriptures showing evidence of spiritual growth. All need to complete the entire Program prior to receiving an ordination certificate.

No. We are not an ordination mill.  We believe in the teaching of 2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.’ Ordination certificates will not be issued by mail nor for a fee. They will only be issued to those who have successfully completed the Ministry Ordination Program, in person at a scheduled ordination ceremony.

The Ministry Ordination Program curriculum was designed to be a blessing to the Body of Christ and also to be an affordable and achievable goal for Christian Believers who wish to obey God’s commission to teach and preach the Gospel, spread the message of Salvation, and provide Outreach Ministry to ‘the least of these’. Each course module noticeably increasing in challenge as you progress. Based on Scripture, research, experience and faith, this curriculum brings students closer to knowing God through the knowledge of the Word and the wonder, and experience of God’s love. For those who struggle with the Scriptures the course content is comprehensive and a complete blessing. 

Courses relate to our personal, physical and spiritual lives, social and community issues along with other special applications of God’s Word. Once the Program is complete students will have learned how to apply these teachings to all aspects of their lives and their ministry. The learn how to  pass this knowledge on to others effectively. As this is Denominational training we do not offer credits or transcripts, diplomas or degrees. You will receive a Certificate of Ordination. This same curriculum that you will study is being used and approved for credit at many notable seminaries, so you can expect to have an equivalent learning experience.

The courses are self paced and you can anticipate at least 1hour of study per night. You will interact with facilitators and other students via discussion on the York St. Peter’s social network group. Some excellent Bible Study tools are made available to all students through the Logos 10 platform which offers many free courses by renown authors, commentaries, lectures, sermons, Bible and language translations, maps, photos and more. 

Courses require reading, practice and assessment along with video conference meetings. Study is significant and will challenge you. If you have no intention of studying the Scriptures this course is not for you.  Processes have been specifically designed to ensure that questions are answered honestly and from the heart to protect against plagiarism. Our curriculum is engaging, edifying and easy to understand, sufficient to have an individual ordained as a Christian Minister. You may see the course listing on the Program page of this website.

Tuition for the Ministry Ordination Program is due in full upon acceptance. We do offer a payment plan that allows our students to make up to 10 equal payments. We trust our students to honor this agreement however, if dishonored two times the tuition will be required in full in order to continue in the Program. 

Invoices are sent no later than the 20th day of each consecutive month requiring payment no later than the 1st day of the upcoming month. A payment schedule for the year is also sent to all students upon enrollment so the payment dates will not be a surprise to them. Should tuition payments be received any later than the 1st day of the scheduled month without prior notice, a $40 late fee will apply. After 5 days of non-payment a student will be removed from the Program. 

We accept credit card payments through Paypal, Email Money Transfer. We do not accept cash. cheques or money orders in person or by mail..

We do not send credentials by mail. You are notified of your ordination date several months in advance, enough time to ensure that the day is kept free. We do not Ordain by mail. Ordination is a serious and sacred appointment. We maintain that it must be in the presence of God, in a sanctuary and laying on of hands must be had as well as the Lord’s Supper once the consecration is complete. If you cannot attend your Ordination ceremony, you may opt for a paid private ceremony, or you will be able to attend any future Ordination Ceremony held by YSPEO providing you remain in membership until that date and continue to maintain and further your spiritual growth.

Because this Program is self-paced you will still be responsible for getting your submissions in on time regardless of where you are in the world. Depending on your circumstance your facilitator may allow no more than a two week extension to get your submissions in. We take deadlines very seriously and extensions must be honored to the minute. This is only a 10-month Program. If you cannot commit to the full term we suggest enrolling at a time when there is nothing to take you away from your studies. 

85% of our Ministry Ordination Program can be accessed online however practical Workshops must be attended in person at our Toronto church location. You must also be able to attend your Ordination Ceremony at our GTA Church location. With that being said, if you cannot travel to Toronto for the onsite portion then you will not be able to complete the Program. 

For individuals who have applied but are not accepted into the Ministry Ordination Program the full $300 application fee will be refunded in full. For those who wish to cancel within 5 days of the Program acceptance email, all monies paid minus a $50 administration fee will be refunded. For those who wish to cancel after 5 days of the Program acceptance email, no monies will be refunded but a tax deductible charitable receipt will be issued for the amount paid. 

An invoice is sent to all each month stating what has been paid and what is owing. By the end of the Program your statement will show all fees paid.  This statement is sufficient for income tax purposes. If you are looking to claim your course fees as a donation, this cannot be done. 


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