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Online Study - 1 Week + 1 Day Workshop




    YSPEO Student – $275     Member’s Refresher – $100  

  • Membership is necessary for sponsorship in order to apply and retain Authorization to Solemnize Marriage in Ontario. Membership is offered at a cost of $75/mo. paid quarterly, bi-annually or annually and must be renewed on an annual basis.
  • Marriage Program fee is non-refundable. 

This course welcomes Ordained Clergy in Ontario that need to perform Christian Marriage for their congregation and community. *This Denomination’s Marriage Officers are permitted to only join a natural man to a natural woman in Holy Matrimony with the blessings of God included at every ceremony.   All who seek government representation to perform Christian Marriage under York St. Peter’s must complete The Marriage Program successfully showing competency and understanding. There are no exceptions. Upon successful completion with all requirements met, sponsorship will be offered so that you can apply for Registration to Solemnize Marriage in Ontario under the representation and authority of this Denomination.  This Program is  also a great refresher for those who are already Registered to perform marriage but haven’t performed a wedding in a while.

The Program Consists of:

  • 7 days of online study and testing from the convenience of home.
  • Onsite full day practical GTA Workshop (2021 covid permitting)
  • Sponsorship offered upon successful final examination
  • Lunch is provided for all attendees.

Students will study online for one week from their location. They will learn the Origins of Marriage, the Roles and Duties of the man, the woman and the registered Clergy. Topics such as providing Biblical pre-marital counselling, rehearsal, appropriate music, venues and best practices, difficult or unexpected situations are reviewed.

The Workshop itself is a one day program held online or onsite in Toronto and will offer some great fun, fellowship (and food) as Students gain practical experience. The requirements of God, the Government and this Denomination will also be reviewed and discussed in detail.

This Program will teach you about marriage from a Biblical perspective and will focus on performing a traditional Christian Wedding Ceremony from beginning to end. If the participant is already Ordained Clergy with an active ministry, upon successful completion they will become eligible to receive membership and representation to Solemnize Marriage in Ontario. Recommendations and applications to the Registrar General will be prepared and submitted the next business day following the Marriage Workshop. If approved you will receive your Registration number to Solemnize Marriage by mail directly from the Office Of The Registrar General. As long as all requirements are met applications are usually always accepted.

Who Can Attend:

The Marriage Program is open to all YSPEO Students, Ordained Christian Ministers &  Christian Chaplains of different ministries and Denominations residing in Ontario, that agree with our Statement of Faith. 

* Must be an Ordained Christian Clergyperson with an active ministry, and baptized by full immersion. If  you wish to become ordained see

All YSPEO Students may take the Marriage Program at any time during their studies and their sponsorship will be submitted to the government upon request following their Ordination.

Registrants will be authorized to Solemnize Marriage in Ontario. Should Registration be needed in any other Province you must follow that Province’s own Marriage Act Requirements. In most Provinces you must be represented by a Religious Body to become Registered.

If another ministry (not owned by you) requires you to perform marriage for their congregation their governing official may send YSPEO a letter of request on their ministry letterhead advising that you are an ordained minister and your Pastoral services are required along with the ability to Solemnize Marriage in Ontario.

Those who have no interest in ministering for Christ or are just wanting to officiate for friends and family  do not qualify.  Marriage privileges are an additional bonus to ministry. Wedding Officiant business will not be tolerated. 


  • *We only join a natural man to a natural woman in Holy Matrimony.
  • We provide the gift of Christian marriage to Christian believers only. We do not perform non-Religious or inter-faith marriages.
  • We do not provide Catholic, Jewish or atheist marriage practices or instruction.
  • ** Only those who successfully complete this Program may be sponsored for Registration. If you receive a failing grade at the end of this Program you will have to re-enroll in the Program to try again if you wish.  
  • Members are accountable to this Denomination regarding all aspects of marriages performed by them.
  • As Ordained Clergy we practice ministry, not business. Marriage privileges are a compliment to our ministries so conducting a Wedding Officiant business is forbidden.  If this is your intention then we are the wrong Religious Body for you.