Learn About York St. Peter’s Evangelistic Organization

What We Do & Why We Do It

We Are of the Christian Protestant Faith, not Roman Catholic as our name may suggest. 

We Are a duly authorized and recognized Christian Denomination in Canada along with other well known Christian Denominations of different beliefs and worship. 

We Are Interdenominational. That means we don’t care if you’re Baptist, Pentecostal, Anglican or belong to any other Christian Denomination. As long as you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, He died on the cross for our sins, eternal life is ONLY through him, and you pray and worship Him only, we welcome you. 

We Are governed by a Governing Official and Board of Directors. We have been registered with the Canadian Government since 1968 and are subject to the laws and regulations of the provinces in which we are Incorporated. 

We Are a charitable Organization. None of our staff are paid or compensated for their time put into our programs. Our Organization is funded through donations, contributions and tuition fees. 

We Are an Organization that does not support same sex relationships or marriage. 

We Are Not a church but a Denomination (Religious Body) that is governed by a Governing Official and a Board of Directors. 

We Are Not involved in Church planting. 

We Are Not an online Ordination service and we do not accept credentials from online Ordination Mills. A calling to the Ministry is a serious venture; therefore, Ordination is not hastily given for the sake of gaining membership. All members must be trained sufficiently. We make great efforts to ensure that our members are of great faith, correct in the Word, are of good character and are competent in the ways of preaching, teaching, baptizing and counseling. 

We Do Not ordain or grant credentials online. Credentials are given only to those who have studied the Gospel diligently and/or have experience in an active ministry. They must also undergo examination by our Senior Clergy prior to being recommended for Ordination or government Registration. 

We Are Not at a public location that is open for visits or to submit applications. We are an online entity and all of our programs are initiated online and completed with onsite examination. 

We Do Not compete with other Christian Education Organizations and Institutions. What we offer is an affordable opportunity to study seminary level courses for those who are on a low budget or do not have denominational ties in Canada. There are many wonderful Christian colleges and seminaries worldwide. We encourage all to pursue further training with them if permitted. 

Rev. De Jesus was Ordained by the late Bishop Crosley of Buffalo, New York in 1960. A Cuban native he opened his first Pastoral Ministry at St. Peter’s Tabernacle on Vaughan Rd, Toronto Ontario in 1962 with the late great Rev. H. Dawson, Evangelist B. Allen and Deacon J. Watson. He preached to the masses in English, Spanish, Portugese and Polish gaining popularity throughout Canada and the US. He was also an accomplished pianist whose musical worship would create a buzz throughout the Canadian and U.S. Christian community. His preaching and music ministry brought many souls to the Lord, however his growing concern and despair that mankind was forgetting and turning away from God convinced him that just serving a single congregation who already knew God was not enough. 

He believed that all believers, old or young, regardless of race, nationality, appearance or wealth are Ministers, and should be given the opportunity to grow spiritually and spread the Gospel of Jesus as commissioned without having to seek financial aid or face restrictions of Denomination or credentials. He wanted to help ‘pave the way’ for those new to Canada with unrecognized ministries, those with limited finances who cannot afford to attend the larger learning institutions and those who sincerely needed the opportunity to enter the ministry to fulfill their calling. 

With the great commission of Matthew 28:16-20 as his motivation he envisioned and fashioned an Evangelistic Outreach Organization that was comprised of individuals called of God to labor in the vineyard of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He would enable them to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to non-believers, sinners and those who never had the opportunity to hear God’s Word. 

York St. Peter’s Evangelistic Organization become a a Christian Denomination in 1968 where all Christian believers are welcome. In 2008 Rev. De. Jesus attained the status of Archbishop by his peers and today York St. Peter’s Evangelistic Organization is a well respected Religious Body in Canada, small like the country of Israel, but we are doing great things for God our Father. 

Archbishop Ignacio De Jesus D.D. Ph.D went to be with the Lord in 2014 at the age of 81. He was prepared! His vision and work with York St. Peter’s Evangelistic Organization will be remembered and will continue as we continue to equip and further those who have a sincere interest in spreading the message of Salvation. 

Our vision is to teach and promote those who have a sincere calling to the ministry. We help these new workers for Christ, along with those who are already Ordained obtain correct Biblical teaching and Clergy credentials in a legal and affordable manner. We help them to move forward in their new ministries; participate in outreach programs, evangelism, provide biblical counselling and Godly marriage unions within Ontario. 

YSPEO is also involved in World Wide Outreach and Deliverance Ministry. Our vision is that of an Organization who trains workers to spread God’s message of Salvation everywhere, therefore we promote the Great Commission of Matthew 28.

All that we do is to the glory of God! 

To be a Christ-Centered Organization that is focused on spreading the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and win souls for His kingdom. This means spreading the Word of God, especially the message of Salvation to all that we encounter. 

We will use all means available to us including Church Ministry, Outreach Programs, Evangelism, Marriage, Counseling, Music Ministry, Publications, Radio Broadcast, Online, Short Wave Radio, Tracts, and by any other means possible.