You do NOT need a degree to bring a soul to Christ and anyone who tells you otherwise is accountable to God for this untruth. All believers are ministers as per the Great Commission of Matthew 28:16-20 however some are called to lead. Christ’s disciples didn’t go to seminary, they didn’t have degrees, diplomas or certificates and they weren’t even ordained, other than being ordained by the Lord. In Acts 8 and 9 you will read accounts of individuals who heard the message of Salvation, immediately repented and became baptized. They became believers and witnesses and ministers for the Lord. The scriptures never stated that you must go to school for many years, have a degree, or even an ordination before you can minister for Christ. These are man’s stipulations however, the premise of diligent study is a truth that must be obeyed by all Believers, especially those who are called to minister. Believers are told to “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). We encourage all to attend studies at a Theological Institute should they have the opportunity. For those who cannot, YSPEO provides affordable biblical study and legally earned credentials for those who wish to pursue the ministry. In Matthew 4:19 Jesus’ only requirement to his disciples was ‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men’.

Yes it is.  We started in Toronto, Ontario as St. Peter’s Tabernacle becoming York St. Peter’s Evangelistic Organization, a non-profit, charitable Organization and Religious Body in 1968. To date we are a recognized Denomination (aka Religious Body) within Ontario and are authorized to teach that of our faith, to provide  Clergy with legally earned credentials and government representation. We have always maintained a small presence within our affiliated ministries until establishing our online training presence in 2015. We are registered as a non-profit corporation with Canada Business, and are accountable to the Charitable Directorate and also the Office of the Registrar General of Marriage, Birth and Death as a Religious Body (Denomination).  Any of these will verify our legitimacy.
No. We are not an ordination mill.  We believe in the teaching of 2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.’ Not all who apply with us are accepted for ordination. All who are accepted must go through Biblical study with onsite practical exercise and examination. Lastly they must attend a public ordination ceremony at our GTA Church location where they will be presented to our senior Clergy and Church for approval and consecration. Laying on of hands is a must as well as participating in holy communion. 
We are a Protestant Christian Religious Body otherwise known as a Denomination. We are not of the Catholic faith. Through the government of Canada, York St. Peter’s Evangelistic Organization has obtained the right to teach and ordain ministers, qualifying them to provide services expected of ordained ministers such as officiating at weddings, baptisms, funerals, the Lord’s Supper, also to teach and preach, lead bible study groups, pastor congregations, evangelize and provide outreach services. We are Interdenominational. This means we will accept Believers who follow the true Biblical teachings of Jesus as found in the scriptures regardless of which Denomination they are from. The Canadian government requires that anyone receiving Authorization to Solemnize marriage must be a member in good standing of a Denomination. We are a Denomination and welcome those who are able to assist us in fulfilling our goal of spreading the message of Salvation.

We hope to see those who have a calling to the ministry and  those who are currently active in the ministry but do not have legal or Canadian credentials enroll in this program. Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis. 

  • At least 21 years old (case by case).
  • Complete a Vulnerable Sector Police Check
  • Must be (or willing to be) baptized by full immersion.
  • Have a sincere calling to the ministry 
  • Be willing to undergo diligent study for 10 months.
  • Must attend a Church assembly on a regular basis
  • Provide a recommendation from an ordained Clergy person
  • Display good Christian character.
  • Be able to afford the cost of this program.

Absolutely not! Each ministry that is affiliated with York St. Peter’s is sovereign and autonomous. We just offer you what you need in the way of training and credentials to further your ministry in a Biblical, legal and respectable manner. Your acceptance of membership with York St. Peter’s will confirm your agreement to our faith, goals and commitment to God. Following your Ordination or Registration we are confident that you will be able to manage your own ministry. We do not get involved with financial, administrative, operational or moral issues within your Ministry. What we do require is that our members adhere to our Organization’s rites, rituals and beliefs as outline in our Statement of Faith. For instance, teaching or praying in a name other than that of Jesus, worshiping idols, sprinkling rather than full immersion during a baptism, strange rituals during weddings such as spiritual chants, burning or sacrificing objects, performing same-sex marriages, these are some things that our Denomination does not support. We only require a Church Ministry Report submission every 6 months to ensure you are continuing your Ministry in a manner in agreement to our Statement of Faith.  All Marriage Officers are accountable to YSPEO.  All Churches are self –governing and responsible to the government of Ontario for their own federal and provincial undertakings as per the Constitutions and By-Laws governing this Denomination.

Anyone can teach anything in the name of Christianity. Having a Masters, Bachelors or PhD does not guarantee that you are able to apply Biblical wisdom and bring a soul to the Cross. As a matter of fact, we see some with doctorates fail miserably without the guidance of the Holy Spirit while others with lesser means and an indwelling of the Spirit excel in their service to the Lord and harvesting souls. For this reason YSPEO needs to guarantee that all have a clear and correct knowledge of the scriptures along with applied wisdom and evident spiritual growth. Some consideration will be given to those who have already completed Theological training through an established physical Christian College, University or Theological Seminary and they may qualify for Ordination with modified course requirements and examination, especially if they are currently active in the ministry and/or have solid years of active Ministry experience however, the price of the Program will not change or be discounted. 

Minnisters and Chaplains are similar in many respects. Both provide counseling and spiritual ministry to those in need. However, differences exist between the two occupations. Pastors typically are associated with a specific church or parish and Ministers are general Clergy, while Chaplains generally are associated with a specific employer, agency or the community. Ministers are related only to the Christian faith and do not practice or observe any other where Chaplains are required to be knowledgeable of different cultures, observe and perform the rites and rituals of other faiths.

The YSPEO Pastoral Training Program curriculum was designed to be a blessing to the Body of Christ and also to be an affordable and achievable goal for Christian Believers who wish to obey God’s commission to teach and preach the Gospel, spread the message of Salvation, and provide Outreach Ministry to ‘the least of these’. Each course module noticeably increasing in challenge as you progress. Based on Scripture, research, experience and faith, this curriculum brings students closer to knowing God through the knowledge of the Word and the wonder, and experience of God’s love. For those who struggle with the Scriptures the course content is comprehensive and a complete blessing. 

 We start with a complete overview of the Bible. Lessons relate to our personal, physical and spiritual lives, social and community issues along with other special applications of God’s Word. Once the Program is complete students will have learned how to apply these teachings to all aspects of their lives and their ministry. The learn how to  pass this knowledge on to others effectively. As this is Denominational training we do not offer credits or transcripts, diplomas or degrees. You will receive a Certificate of Ordination. This curriculum has been approved for seminary credit where used as such so you can expect to have an equivalent Christian Education experience.

The courses are self paced and you can anticipate completing 1course modules per month. You will interact in the YSPEO Faithlife community through discussion. Some excellent Bible Study tools are made available to all students through the Logos platform offering many free courses by renown authors, commentaries, lectures, sermons, Bible and language translations, maps, photos and more. 

Courses require reading, practice and assessment along with video conference meetings. Study is significant and will challenge you. If you have no intention of studying the Scriptures this course is not for you.  Processes have been specifically designed to ensure that questions are answered honestly and from the heart to protect against plagiarism. Our curriculum is engaging, edifying and easy to understand, sufficient to have an individual ordained as a Christian Minister.

Our Ministry Ordination Program can be accessed and completed online. Courses and exams will all be studied online and via video conference meetings during Covid. Practical Workshops must be attended in person at our Toronto church location or as scheduled online. Other hands-on assignments may be completed from your own location. Your Pulpit Assessment date and time will be assigned to you 30 days prior to Ordination. You must attend your Ordination Ceremony at our GTA Church location or wait for the next.

No we cannot send credentials by mail. You are notified of your ordination date several months in advance, enough time to ensure that the day is kept free. If for any reason you cannot attend your Ordination ceremony you will have to wait for the next ceremony to become Ordained. We do not Ordain by mail. Ordination is a serious and sacred appointment. We maintain that it must be in the presence of God, a sanctuary and laying on of hands must be had as well as the Lord’s Supper once the consecration is complete. If you cannot attend your Ordination ceremony, you may arrange a paid private ceremony or you will be able to attend any future Ordination Ceremonies held by YSPEO providing you remain in membership until that date and continue to maintain and further your spiritual growth.

This Program will have to be completed in full with an overall passing mark of 85% in order to achieve Ordination. No exceptions apply. We need to ensure all are competent and correct in teaching, preaching and baptizing prior to Ordination. 

* You must be an Ordained Minister or an Ordained Christian Chaplain. If you are not, then you cannot apply with this Organization.

The Office of the Registrar General will only grant Registration to Solemnize Marriage to Ordained individuals who are authorized members in good standing of a Religious Denomination, which YSPEO is. In order to become eligible for registration;

  • You must be a baptized Ordained Minister or Christian Chaplain
  • You must be a member of this Organization 
  • You must agree with our Statement of Faith.
  • You must undergo a Vulnerable Sector Police Check as you will be dealing with the public.
  • You must attend and successfully complete our Marriage Program
  • You must have an active ministry (inquire more).

Registration to Solemnize Marriage is one of the most sought after credentials for those who are Ordained and is intended to be an ADD-ON to your existing ministry. It will not be offered to those who have no interest in furthering the Gospel or wish to obtain this privilege to establish a wedding business.  We are very particular regarding who we  represent to perform marriage in order to protect the sanctity of the Gospel and also uphold our integrity with the Government of Canada. All applications to Solemnize Marriage in Ontario are approved and issued at the sole discretion of the Office of the Registrar General upon recommendation by this Denomination.

Ministry Ordination Program – Up to 8 payments

Marriage Program – No payment plan offered. 

We accept credit card payments through Paypal, Email Money Transfer. We do not accept cash. cheques or money orders by mail.

No. York St. Peter’s Evangelistic Organization’s Clergy does not support same sex relationships or marriage. As a Christian Organization we would like to confirm our commitment to God and all confidence and faith in the Holy Bible’s teachings which we deem as His inspired, unfailing Word and Guidance. We believe that marriage is a very sacred and Holy union, ordained of God for the procreation of children (Gen. 1:28) and for the mutual love of a man and a woman who become one flesh. Although we do not perform same sex marriages we will continue to follow Jesus’ example to love and wholeheartedly welcome all individuals regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation yet we maintain that we are called to minister against all and every form of sin described to us in the Bible. We hope that all people may hear our message and be changed in physical and spiritual character and composition…into the knowledge and promise of Jesus Christ.

If you are an Ordained Minister yes you can depending on which Province you are applying to. In most cases you will have to be represented by a recognized Religious Denomination of that Province of which you are a member in good standing. This is a requirement by the Office Of The Registrar General in order to receive Registration to Solemnize Marriage in Ontario.

There are some Ministries that do not warrant a physical Church location or a congregation but you must have an active Ministry, a name and public address for the Office of the Registrar General to reference. Each application for Registration will be reviewed on it’s own merits. We would prefer that you have a congregation and a public place of worship. It is also expected that our newly Ordained Ministers are just starting out and we will give them the opportunity to grow their Ministry with Registration if required.

Following recommendation and application it can take from 4 – 6 weeks to receive your Registration number from the Office of the Registrar General although it is sometimes received sooner. Please note that Registration is not an automatic inclusion with membership or the Marriage Workshop. You must meet eligibility requirements in order to apply and must be approved by the Office of the Registrar General. We do not guarantee approval however we have not yet had any members we represent declined for Registration during our years as a Denomination. Applications to Solemnize Marriage in Ontario are approved and issued at the sole discretion of the Office of the Registrar General upon recommendation by any Denomination.

No. You do not. Once you have completed the Ministry Training Program it is up to you whether would like to become ordained (which is included in the program), retain membership with YSPEO or be on your own.  If you wish to perform marriage in Ontario membership is necessary. As a member you can also look forward to ongoing training, instruction and discounted resources towards your ministry. The Registrar General requires that all Registered Clergy must be a member of a Denomination in good standing in order to obtain and maintain registration. If you are a member, you may terminate your membership at any time with 30 days of written notice.

We do not want to be put in a position where we have to revoke anyone’s membership, but if your membership has been revoked for any reason you will be notified by email and in writing without refund. Know that all Assignments and Registrations will become null and void immediately. Membership and Registration have nothing to do with Ordination. Your ordination certificate will remain valid for the rest of your life. If you were Registered to Solemnize Marriages in Ontario the Registrar General will be notified that your membership is no longer in good standing which will result in your Registration being cancelled immediately;

  • Slanderous comments regarding the Gospel or inappropriate comments directed towards our Clergy or Administrative Staff, the Organization or other members.
  • Unbecoming behavior at our meetings, workshops or special events.
  • Displaying an argumentative spirit.
  • Failure to submit your Church Ministry Report twice a year.
  • Failure to honor your financial obligation to the Organization.
  • Failure to observe and teach the Word of Jesus Christ and/or deviance from the Truth as written in the scriptures.
  • Failure to uphold this Denominations policies, procedures and Statement of Faith
  • Performing un-Godly or same-sex marriages.
  • Ungodly character or engaging in criminal activities.
  • Activities which put this Denomination at legal risk.
  • Using any information specific to this Denomination including our name within your ministry correspondences or advertising without our consent.
  • Misleading or misrepresenting statements regarding this Denomination.
  • Instigating contention and/or confusion within this Organization.
  • Failing to report a performed Marriage within 3 days of a Marriage.
  • Aggressively challenging our administrative policies, procedures and that of the Marriage Act.
  • No communication over a reasonable period of time.

Please be clear on our payment policies.

All members are responsible for paying their Course and/or Membership Fees on the dates arranged upon acceptance. Should there be any difficulty in honoring a payment on the required date (with exception of the first payment) the member must call us at least 3 days prior to their payment due date to make an arrangement for payment within the next 15 days. Communication is key! If 15 days have past and no payment or arrangement has been made a $40 late fee will be added and the Program or membership will be given a grace period of 10 more days to bring their account up to date. Following this grace period with non-payment or no communication the Course or Membership/Registration will be cancelled without further notification. Should the individual wish to be reinstated a new application will have to be completed adhering to the current prices and requirements. Upon acceptance full annual payment must be made to be accepted into the Program or receive registration once again.

For individuals who have applied but are not accepted into the Ministry Training Program YSPEO will refund the $100 application fee in full. For those who have been accepted into the Program then wish to cancel within 5 days of the Program acceptance email, YSPEO will refund all monies paid excluding a $50 administration fee . For those who wish to cancel after 5 days of the Program acceptance email no monies will be returned.

For those who pay via Paypal and Email Money Transfer the electronic receipt that you receive by email following payment is sufficient as proof of payment. Any individual who would like a year end Official Receipt must request this by email and it will be available within 14 days of your request.