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I thought a person had to study for many years to become an Ordained Minister
Is this legitimate a legitimate service?
Can I just pay money to obtain Ordination & Registration credentials?
I keep hearing about a Denomination. What does that mean?
What are the requirements to enroll in the Ministry Training Program?
Will I have to give up control of my church to York St. Peter’s?
I have already completed prior Theological Training. Do I still have to go through further training with York St. Peter’s?
What is the difference between a Chaplain and a Minister
Can you tell me a bit more about the curriculum?
I live quite a distance from Toronto. How will I be able to study and complete assignments in the Pastoral Course?
I have completed all of my training requirements and await Ordination. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend my Ordination Ceremony. Can you just send my credentials by mail?
What if I do not complete this Program successfully?
How can I become a person who can Perform Marriages in Ontario?
What are my payment options?
Does your Clergy perform same sex Marriages?
Can I be recommended by anyone else to receive Registration to Solemnize Marriage?
Can I be recommended by York St. Peters to Solemnize Marriages if I am Ordained but do not have a congregation or public place of worship?
I am an Ordained Minister. How long will it take to receive my Registration to Solemnize Marriages?
I have completed my Program requirements. Do I have to remain a member?
For what reasons may my Membership be terminated or revoked and if so do I get to keep my obtained Titles and Credentials?
I don’t think I want to continue in this program. Can I get a refund?
I paid for the entire Program but did not receive a Charitable Donation Income Tax Receipt for the Program Fees that I paid.
I need an Official Receipt so that I may claim my course fees on my income tax.