Principal William Groot and Lauren Krale of TDChristian School

Principal William Groot and Lauren Krale of TDChristian School


God Bless You Lauren Krale of TDChristian High School in Woodbridge! Each year York St. Peter’s awards one student who chooses to pursue a career in Christian ministry with a monetary honorarium award upon secondary school graduation. Lauren was awarded a $600 honorarium.

Our founder Archbishop Ignacio De Jesus strongly believed in Christian education and literacy, especially in Scriptural studies. It was his dream to see Christian youth who can effectively explain and defend their faith, who can discern the things of God and the things of this world. It was his dream to raise up youth to be strong in Christ who, in turn will use their gifts and talents to build up the Church.

We were thrilled when Principal William Groot of TDChristian High School wrote us the following message:

We believe we have a good candidate for this year’s award. She is Lauren Krale. Here is her comment for Perspectives last semester:

“Lauren, you have done very well this semester, and you have been a positive presence among us. I like your attention to detail and the care you show in doing excellent work; even the smallest of homework assignments are done with diligence. I encourage you to develop a public voice; you listen to the opinions of others and you get to evaluate them, but you do not offer others the same opportunity to learn from you. You have so much to offer!”

She also was part of our International Block program last year where she learned and contributed a great deal. She will be attending Redeemer University College for Urban and Intercultural Ministry.

Urban and Intercultural Ministry is a Bachelor of Arts degree program within the Religion and Theology Department. It is offered as an honours major. In an increasingly globalized world, it is imperative to develop the capacity to learn from, work with and appreciate different cultures and perspectives. In both intercultural and urban contexts, you will learn what it means to announce, demonstrate, and embody the good news of the Kingdom of God, resulting in the transformation and flourishing of communities. By learning to understand your own cultural formation and how it can both help and hinder meaningful ministry, the Urban and Intercultural Ministry program will help you gain awareness, as well as the necessary tools, to serve effectively in churches, ministries and community organizations.