A Thorough & Enjoyable Experience

My initial and follow up contacts with YSPEO came about in my God-directed pursuit of an organization that would offer training and accreditation to perform Christian marriages in Ontario. It soon became apparent that I need look no further. The YSPEO’s online portion of the training comprehensively covered the foundational knowledge about marriage from a Biblical point of view. The all day seminar was practical and included participation in the instructional process that was thorough and enjoyable. Serving the Lord under the YSPEO is a privilege and honour for which I thank God.

G. Denniss - Ordained Clergy

A Great Blessing!

One of the greatest blessings in my life is to know that York St. Peters Evangelistic Organization is one that I am so honored to be a part of. The excellence of the courses, the professionalism from the way the school is run has passed my expectations of this Organization. It is always a blessing for me to have the opportunity, and be invited to participate when events are taking place, my blessings come from the Lord first, then from the York St. Peters Evangelistic Organization which I hold the highest respect for.

Biblical Insights

The YSPEO Ministry Ordination Program offered me Biblical insights and training to allow me to start my own ministry, centered on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The hands-on workshops, combined with the on-line studies allowed me to work at my own pace. I was pleasantly surprised by how deeply my own faith grew through this experience.

M. Scott - Ordained Minister/Former Student

What A Gift This Ministry Teaching Is

I was introduced to the program through a friend who was also taking the Training. I had my Pastor review what the program covered, we had a couple questions but he was impressed with what he saw and it was online which allowed me to continue working while I studied. I knew I had a call on my life but wasn’t sure how I could do it and then this program was introduced to me. It all fit in place.  The course content was amazing and well explained. The tests were well thought out and often helped me understand the material even better than I thought I already had. The fact that you can work at your own pace is just one of the reasons this program is so wonderful. The amount of support and encouragement I received throughout made the whole process such a blessing. I can’t begin to explain what a gift this ministry teaching is. I would highly recommend for anyone considering the program. It is well worth the time and money you will invest.

L. Abbott - Ordained Minister/Former Student


I found YSPEO Ministry Ordination Program’s content of course material excellent in the interpretation of the Gospel. I applaud your dedication to continue this work and to win the lost at all cost. The course is more than affordable with comparison to other organizations. It was what I expected and more!

R. Diles - Ordained Minister/ Former Student

Pleasant & Rich Spiritual Experience!

I found out about the Organization online when I was trying to find out how to become an ordained minister. I decided to choose YSPEO Pastoral Training Program because it has a spiritual Christian side to it. I had a very pleasant and rich spiritual experience through the online courses and also through the encouraging and lifting emails when Satan was trying to put down our spirit, pushing us to quit and ignore God’s call.

A. Juwaidah - Ordained Minister/ Former Student


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