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Many Christians start our courses with the best of intentions in mind however their plans don’t work out as planned. Especially those in the Ministry Ordination Program. YSPEO will let you know right now, Satan is a negative spiritual force. He is real! He doesn’t want you to learn the Gospel and he doesn’t want you to spread it either. As you become more and more of a threat to him, he will find a way to try and stop you in your tracks!

Many Students that do not complete their studies report of circumstances beyond their control that maybe are bizarre, that really can’t be explained or justified but it has made their lives miserable and caused them to default in their Biblical studies. “I just don’t know what happened’. They have become a victims of spiritual attack and don’t even realize it. They pass it off to ‘coincidence’ or a ‘fluke’ or ‘I just suddenly got really busy’.  On the other hand, Satan is laughing it up! Another dedicated ‘Christian’ he has thrown off course.

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msammut Staff answered 3 years ago

Christians, you need to put on the full armor of God and do battle to ward off these attacks. You have the power to do it, and it isn\’t difficult in the least. Put on your armor and use it! Read the answer in this wonderful article found on from on how to do this!