Ministry Ordination Program

Ministry Ordination Program

Enrollment Open For Summer Class

Starts June 21, 2021

This Program is sufficient to award recognition and presentation as a Christian Minister to the Body of Christ upon completion.

To clarify:

Becoming an ordained minister means you are called by God and are dedicating your life to the Lord’s service. It does not come with registration to Solemnize Marriage. This privilege is given in complement to an existing ministry. If you are wanting to become an ordained minister to perform marriages in Ontario, but have no intentions of ministering for Christ the Ministry Ordination Program is not for you.

The Ministry Ordination Program is for Christian men and women who have a sincere Calling to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. The biblical study is completed online. Workshops are completed at a Toronto location.  The online courses are engaging, a comprehensive guide for Spiritual growth, and a complete blessing to those who may struggle with understanding the Scriptures. You will be mentored by participating Clergy and develop a sense of unity and fellowship as you post discussions in the YSPEO community group for assessment.

Each student in the Ministry Ordination Program will have access to the YSPEO Logos 9 library. This library has hundreds of maps, photos, Bible translations, sermons, lectures, commentaries, books, and best of all, an extensive collection of seminary-level courses by notable authors and theologians. The resources and tools available for Biblical study are amazing. Students may study a variety of topics outside of their regular studies for up to 6 months following the completion of their Program.  Extra courses include Christian Counselling, Pastoral Care, Apologetics, Learning Hebrew and more).

Assessments are attended online and onsite by experienced, active Clergy. Upon successful completion, the student candidate will have demonstrated significant spiritual knowledge and understanding, being able to effectively lead others to the Cross, and therefore will be prepared for ordination.

Know that not everyone that enrolls in this Program becomes an ordination candidate. Some enroll with wrong motives… just to perform marriages, or to gain reverence or respect from others. You will get neither from this course. Many start and few finish. Be sure this is what God requires of you, not your family or friends.