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"And I will give you pastors according to mine heart,which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding"Jer. 3:15

Beyond Genesis

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Visual and discussion based overview of the entire Bible in just 9 weeks. Whether you're eager to embrace or debate it, understanding God's Word is essential. This online class meets once a week, Join us for an enriching experience while connecting with other who are learning just like you. You'll be surprised at what you didn't know. the Bible's big picture by the program's end. Only an exploratory study so non-Christians are welcome to participate without being pressured to convert.

Waymaker Certificate

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A 6-month journey through the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation in our interactive online classroom with Logos 10. Forge friendships during lively Zoom Q&A sessions. Immerse yourself in the study of God's Word and discipleship principles. The Waymaker certificate will attest to your mastery of scripture, and will show that you are rightfully dividing the Word of Truth, and are able to provide Christian spiritual support; in turn guiding others on their journey to the Cross. This course is achievable for all Christians.

Ministry Ordination Program

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Become An Ordained Minister
The Ministry Ordination Program provides a comprehensive year of seminary-level study for individuals with a genuine calling to the ministry of Jesus Christ. Designed for those seeking scriptural knowledge and legal ordination credentials, this all-inclusive program equips you to launch an independent ministry or pursue a career in ministry. From the initial calling to full ordination, this program is your path to a fulfilling and purpose-driven ministry journey.

Perform Marriage In Ontario


Become A Registered Religious Official
The government requires that ordained ministers be a member of a Religious Body with a pastoral charge to an active ministry in order to obtain the necessary registration to perform marriage in Ontario. York St. Peter's is now welcoming new members to promote and perform Christian marriage in Ontario. Membership will be offered following successful completion of the Marriage Program.

Christian Outreach Ministry

Our Toronto Outreach Trailer serves 200 hot meals and refreshments. On our last service we gave out warm winter clothing and blankets but the need is truly immense. So many fingers curled with cold. To some, a scarf was like winning the lottery. They were so grateful and were asking God to bless us as we were blessing them. We gave out a rich, hot, steaming, creamy hot chocolate with sandwiches. Our reward came when a homeless man closed his eyes and savoured every sip of his hot chocolate, as the cup warmed his hands. He gingerly approached us again and politely asked if he could have some more when finished.' Praise God! Our Toronto Outreach Trailer serves 200 hot meals and refreshments, along with warm clothing given freely to the homeless and refugees.

   * Your monetary donation will allow us to keep this service running for those in need. Please consider donating today. *

A tax-deductible receipt will be issued for donations over $20.

Join Us! - $149

Annual Fellowship Event
Online Christian Social Community
GTA Outreach Opportunities
Assess at Ordination Pulpit Assessments
** Receive a Christian gift by mail 4x per year

Toronto Outreach Trailer

Sharing God's Word as well as sending needed aid and support to several small Christian ministries in Cuba. Pastor Ordenado Dr. Héctor Garrido Cárdenas tends to a large flock in Jobabo, Cuba. Conditions are hard and he works tirelessly to bring the Gospel to his community. We help with food, clothing, medication, and monetary funds to purchase items locally. A big 'HELLO' from the youth of Templo “Emanuel", Asambleas de Dios en Cuba. Pastor Walker continues to evangelize in Cuba and has sent a video with greetings, smiles, and thanks from our brothers and sisters in Cuba.

Upcoming Online Seminars

* Volunteers Needed *

Knitters & Crocheters
Can you make warm clothing for those in need?
Email us at inquiries@yorkstpeters.com

Scholarships and incentives 2

Scholarships & Incentives


1 for Ministry Ordination Program
fully funded ... ends January 1, 2025

Youth Incentives

The Ignacio Award
$500 presented to one Ontario High School Graduate pursuing post graduate ministry studies
... ends Aug. 9. 2024


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How Can We Forgive Others

Explore one of life’s toughest challenges, overcoming the anger and hurt of being mistreated by someone else. People do awful and damaging things to others. As Christians, we hear so much about forgiveness and the need to forgive others but sometimes, it's not so easy. Join us in this Biblical study on forgiveness.

Biblical End Times


Are You Ready?

Are we experiencing the Biblical end times now? Look at our current troubles; global pandemics, floods, fires, earthquakes, sexual immorality, murder, theft, idolic worship, the human cost of war. What is our role as Christians during this time of Biblical fulfillment? What's going on with Israel? What's really going to happen? Are you ready?

Biblical Sexual Ethics


Yikes! How Do We Handle That?

Often an uncomfortable topic among Christians. How do we respond to it? Here we will examine how marriage, divorce, polygamy, homosexuality and a few other topics are addressed in the Bible by looking at both the text of Scripture and the context in which Scripture was written. 

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