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Ministry Credentialing Programs

"And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding" Jer. 3:15

Christian Ordination

The Ministry Ordination Program Guided


Become An Ordained Minister

This guided online 10-month Program of seminary-level study is for those with a sincere calling to the ministry of Jesus Christ, and require scriptural study and legal ordination credentials.

The Ministry Ordination Program Self Paced


Become An Ordained Minister

This self-paced 14-month Program is a longer duration and more affordable for those with busy schedules wishing to follow their calling towards ordination. Coming in January 2024.

Holy Matrimony

Become A Registered Religious Official

Bride and Groom

Perform Marriage In Ontario

York St. Peter's Evangelistc Organization is a recognized Religious Denomination based in Ontario. We've been sponsoring applications to The Office of The Registrar General for ordained Clergy who wish to perform Marriage in Ontario since 1968!

Temporary Marriage Registration

grandfather marrying couple

Perform A One-Time Wedding In Ontario

For active Clergy wishing to perform a one-time wedding in Ontario. Ontario Christians may apply and must be prepared to minister to a structured or outreach congregation in Toronto one time. Each application will be considered on it's own merit.

Study-Partner Membership

For Theology Students & Clergy

Membership as a Study-Partner will allow you to study with us for 1 year with access to the Logos  Remote Research Library which provides a robust online Theological library packed with resources and scholarly works. It provides foundational tools and datasets for a strong theological education. Members also receive 15% off all Programs offered on this website. 

No more purchasing separate books and modules. They’re all included. You will be able to access the full Logos Remote Research Theological Library for a period of 1 year.



Whether you want to embrace it or debate it, you must understand God's Word. The Bible is the foundation of our faith and EVERY Christian should read it to learn what God is telling us. It is our guide to physical life, spiritual life, truth, and wisdom. Join us as we read through the Bible together!

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Common Objections To Reading The Bible

- Nothing makes sense. I can't seem to get beyond Genesis
- The book is too big. It will take years and years just to read through it...
- The letters are so tiny that reading it gives me a headache...
- So many thee's and thou's; the ancient wording confuses me...
- I know I have to but I just don't have time.
- I'll make a resolution to read it in the New Year.

Your not guaranteed a tomorrow to make things right. Read it now!

Only 8 Weeks!

Upcoming Certificate Programs

Your certificate is a document that will confirm that you've been educated in the said topic and are prepared to meet a specific set of criteria for your role as outlined in the course of study.
** Coming March 2023

Pastoral Care & Counseling


Caring For Souls

Learn how minister to those who are struggling, hurting, and in crisis. You will learn the foundational tenets of pastoral care and counselling from experienced Christian pastors and counselors, studying the methods they use as they apply the Gospel to daily issues. 

Christian Ministry Leadership

Christian leader

Manage Your Ministry 

In this course you will gain a firm understanding of Christian Ministry Leadership, learning how to apply key frameworks and Biblical-Theological principles to help identify challenges that often arise in leadership and how to determine solutions for moving towards a shared goal

Biblical Sexual Ethics



Often an uncomfortable topic among Christians. Here we will examine how marriage, divorce, polygamy, homosexuality and a few other topics are addressed in the Bible by looking at both the text of Scripture and the context in which Scripture was written. 

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